At LERMA/, we aim to use our creativity to put some good into the world. The LERMA/ Writer knows how to do that by telling stories that stir the soul with gravity just as well as they can tell stories that lighten the spirit with all forms of humor. They are comfortable working with multiple voices and tones. They understand that writing is really a process of rewriting and are always happy to search for new ways to give their words more strength. They are natural empaths enabling emotional undertones across a variety of topics and audiences. They also must have a strong sense of the logic required to connect ideas to strategies. Their minds can go off on tangents to find surprising new perspectives on a human truth. They understand the power of words, and they love nothing more than seeing those words resonate with a reader.

The LERMA/ Writer is a multi-talent; they have passion projects that expand their voice beyond advertising. Perhaps they write songs or edit videos, or maybe there’s a love for 18th-century fashion or hip-hop, or they love papercraft, or they’re working on screenplays — whatever the case may be, their creativity cannot be contained to the world of advertising. They seek inspiration to enrich their lives as well as their words.

The LERMA/ Writer is a voracious consumer of content, from TikTok to novels and from the epic series to memes. They understand the wide range of language and its uses to move people. They are listeners — of the way people speak and interact. They are on a constant search to find new ideas and voices to move culture.

Concept development:

LERMA/ Writers work in a highly collaborative environment with Art Directors, Creative Directors, Content Creators, Strategists, and Brand Managers to develop breakthrough campaign ideas that are on strategy. LERMA/ Writers partner with Art Directors and work under the close guidance and support of the Associate Creative Director and Creative Director throughout the concepting phase.


LERMA/ Writers love language, and they are a wellspring of ideas. They are highly proficient in grammar but are not afraid to knowingly break those rules. Under the direction of an Associate Creative Director and Creative Director, the Writer generates ideas and creates scripts, taglines, headlines, long copy, manifestos, campaign descriptions, brand guides, and rationales that develop and sell ideas.


Fluent in communications across mediums: social media, video, TV, branding, print, out-of-home, AR, VR, the LERMA/ Writer is the backbone of creative projects through concept development, and they play a supporting role during production by providing any copy needs that arise.

Personal growth:

For less experienced Writers, opportunities for growth include support in developing their own personal presentation style and learning how to work with producers, directors, editors, animators, music composers, and other partners in creation. Writers will learn to further hone their craft and discover ways of working that help open new approaches to solving problems with creativity. Growth also comes with the opportunities to work across multiple cultures with talented people representing those cultures.

For more experienced Writers, opportunities for growth include a high-profile presence in all areas of production and client engagement.


  • Competitive salary based on experience
  • Paid company holidays, paid vacation, and paid sick leave
  • Benefits — medical, dental, vision, life/ADD, and short-/long-term insurance
  • Annual performance-based bonuses
  • 401K and annual profit-sharing plans




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