Our latest report from the ongoing research partnership between The University of Texas and LERMA/ focuses on how Gen Z communicates, and aims to serve as a generational bridge. How has communication evolved with the younger generation? Do you have your finger on the pulse of cool words and language? Do you fear using forbidden words with young people? Do you want to know how Gen Z uses technology to foster their relationships? By tapping into our nationally representative research and time well spent with many Gen Zers, we have the answers to all those questions, and more.

Today we are already witnessing how this generation’s voice is finally helping force individuals to hear, listen, and understand the inequities of those who have been oppressed and deserve social justice. Gen Z Deconstructed: The Shifting Tides of Race & Diversity is a continuation of our partnership with The University of Texas. It focuses on how the Gen Z generation is fighting for equality and shifting society as we’ve known it – more significantly than any proceeding generation.

This report provides an overview of the effects that COVID-19 is specifically having among Hispanics and other ethnic minority groups. More importantly, the paper outlines how immediate targeted marketing opportunities among multicultural consumers during this time of crisis can help ensure brands are able to rebound as the economy recovers.

How Gen Z is reshaping society’s understanding of gender identity and sexual orientation. Brands and advertising professionals have myriad opportunities to cater to Gen Z’s desire for individual recognition, especially through the lens of diversity and inclusion.
The apparition of a new mindset and the ever-evolving media landscape have changed the expectations Millennials have of advertising and media in general. Currently, there is a gap between Millennials’ expectations and what the media is delivering to them. Discover how Millennials feel about the industry, and begin to ask yourself the right questions, so we can start closing the gap between media and the generations to come.
As the generation leading the significant diversity shifts in the U.S., there’s no longer a single American Dream. Ethnic and racial influences matter, in both expected and counterintuitive ways. Discover the untold story of Millennials’ ambitions in this comprehensive research initiative that helps us understand the untold cultural stories behind the various American Dreams that exist today among four key Millennial racial/ethnic segments – Black, Hispanic, Asian, and White.
The impending presidential election has already become one of the most tempestuous in history with the rise of unforeseen and unlikable candidates, pontification of nontraditional ideals, and the surprising acceptance of post-truth claims. As candidates continue to race toward the finish line in November, they are facing one of the most dynamically diverse voter groups in U.S. history, whose complexities and corresponding perspectives are important to understand in order to effectively appeal to the many unique cohorts that will sway election results.


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