An avocado is an avocado is an avocado, right?

That’s what people thought until we got involved. Our challenge was to build a brand that would distinguish Avocados From Mexico in the minds of consumers, increase U.S. consumption, and elevate Avocados From Mexico’s status in the produce aisle.


To emphasize that Avocados From Mexico are available year-round, we sent them into space to be in the intergalactic virtual alien museum with other timeless classics.


Avocados From Mexico have good fats, a guarded secret that has been kept by a clandestine society for centuries. But someone accidentally exposed the group in a phone message and we just happened to grant access to that recording to millions of people during the Super Bowl. Oops.


Imagine a world with unlimited guacamole — but no chips. It might seem frightening, but the truth is, a #GuacWorld is a beautiful place. We brought this digital world to life showing the versatility of Avocados From Mexico, and people kept coming back for more. Double-dipping? Yep. It works for us.


What would happen if dogs knew that you’d do anything for avocados?
They’d run you ragged and have fun doing it.


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