In a world where new cocktails
shape culture and define brands,

we saw a unique opportunity to reframe the way good times look and get started. Because, the truth is, when it comes to a brand being a part of a signature cocktail, the Clamato Michelada is what got it all started.

We believe that everyone has an inner bartender. And there’s no better drink to let your mixologist side shine than a Michelada. We built a digital destination for Clamato that inspired and catered to a curious user that was willing to experiment with the versatility of the Michelada while never veering from the one ingredient that has no substitute: Clamato.

The Beer’s on Us
To create our own cultural moment across many cultures, we hijacked the most popular sporting event in the world: The 2018 World Cup. And we did it by buying them a beer. All they had to do was enjoy their free beer as the refreshing part of the perfect sporting drink, a Clamato Michelada. This was a win-win. (Well, unless you were rooting for Croatia.)

Who Taught You That?
The most valuable insight of a Clamato Michelada is that someone you trust had to teach you how to make it. This campaign recognizes those cultural misfits who bring their own world to the delicious Clamato Michelada universe.


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