The CEO of Alma, arguably the most awarded Hispanic advertising agency in the United States, talks to us from the headquarters of LERMA/ in Dallas, TX about the launch of his book Hispanic Market Power, America’s Business Growth. Learn from the author, Isaac Mizrahi, what motivated him to write the book, his journey in multicultural marketing throughout the years, and what the perception of that market is today, even after a worldwide pandemic. Marc Pritchard from Procter & Gamble famously said, “If you’re not doing Hispanic Marketing, you’re not doing marketing”, and this book goes into detail about the whys and the how highlighting the huge opportunity for a group that contributes $2.7 Trillion to the economy with a median age 10 years younger than the rest of the United States population.

Enjoy case studies from several blue chip brands like Cheetos, Coors Light, Lilly, Kia, etc.

Isaac’s new book gives you context and reasons for how you could take your marketing strategy to the next level by thinking multicultural. Enjoy!!

Hispanic Marketing Power. America’s Business Growth Engine can be purchased here.

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