We partnered with some of the most respected universities in the country to conduct these groundbreaking, nationally representative studies. These discoveries dive into everything from consumer attitudes and media behaviors to preferences about life, politics, and society.


Cultural background shapes the way millenials look ahead | March 2017
How Gen Z is reshaping society’s understanding of gender identity and sexual orientation. Brands and advertising professionals have myriad opportunities to cater to Gen Z’s desire for individual recognition, especially through the lens of diversity and inclusion.


The gap between content and consumers | October 2018
Our report from the ongoing research partnership between The University of Texas and LERMA/ focuses on how Gen Z communicates and aims to serve as a generational bridge. How has communication evolved with the younger generation? Do you have your finger on the pulse of cool words and language? Do you fear using forbidden words with young people? Do you want to know how Gen Z uses technology to foster their relationships? By tapping into our nationally representative research and time well spent with many Gen Zers, we have the answers to all those questions, and more.

Gen Z Deconstructed

The gap between content and consumers | October 2018
In partnership with The University of Texas, we deconstructed the key elements among Gen Z and analyzed their attitudes, shaped by the current times. We dove into their political beliefs, media behaviors, communications, dating and other aspects to gain a more thorough understanding of the complexities of today’s highly diverse multicultural society.

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