Avocados From Mexico

Avocados from Mexico Say It With A Jingle The Avocados From Mexico jingle. 8 notes. 3 words. Infinitely unforgettable.  But we asked, what if we used those notes for more than just the end of our commercials? Our humorous take on using the jingle as a way to make bad news better brought tons of […]

Interstate Batteries

INTERSTATE BATTERIES Outrageously Dependable We drove record increases in brand awareness and gross profit ROI for something many people see as a commodity. See, Interstate Batteries wanted to increase awareness and sales among women and 18- to 34-year-olds. The problem was most drivers don’t think about their car batteries until they die. The batteries, that […]

He Gets Us

HE GETS US #Strategy #Creative #Media #Social #Digital #Analytics #SEO #Partnerships #WebDesign He Gets Us tells the story of Jesus through a modern lens to demonstrate the way he fought for radical love and inclusion. The campaign has garnered 4.8 million website users, 1.4 billion video views, and 196 million digital media engagements, numbers which […]

The Salvation Army

THE SALVATION ARMY Silent Night Evictions were on the rise after pandemic protections were lifted, and The Salvation Amy’s services were more important than ever before. Additionally, the organization had seen a steady decline in the number of volunteers to staff their holiday fundraiser, the iconic Red Kettle Campaign, and needed help to fill the […]

Western Union

WESTERN UNION #Strategy #Creative When Western Union launched an unprecedented offer to drive online money transfers, we told the story of one powerful transfer and the ripple effect it can have in someone’s life. It’s currently airing in four countries.

The Home Depot

THE HOME DEPOT #Strategy #Creative #Social #Digital Since 2010, we’ve been strengthening The Home Depot’s connection with Hispanic customers by discovering and reflecting authentic cultural insights. Our featured campaign celebrates Latina Female Doers and empowers women of all kinds to discover their power, proving to move brand love and drive purchase intent.

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